HHow to Give Information

There are two ways information can be given anonymously to Crime Stop:

  1. Call Crime Stop’s toll Free number  - 311
  2. Giving the information by way of a web tip: the tab “Submit a Tip”.


  • When calling Crime Stop it is helpful if callers can answer as many of the following questions as possible – this will give the Police enough information which will allow for better investigations
  • Information on Drugs
  • Name of suspect(s) and age/description
  • Where do they live? (Home address, etc.) and do they have a cell phone or home phone?
  • How do you know he/she/they are dealing in drugs?
  • What type of drugs is he/she/they selling?
  • Where do they keep the drugs? (hiding place if known)
  • Where is he/she/they selling e.g. sidewalk shop, on a corner, to cars in the street, etc?
  • Describe the house and how entered (e.g. what colour, block & steel or wood, how many houses in the yard, etc.)
  • Is there any security on the premises? (high walls & gates, fierce dogs, etc.)
  • When does he/she/they sell the drugs e.g. time of day, which day of the week?
  • Do they have a car? If so what make, colour and registration number?

Information on Ganja Fields

  • Where is the ganja field? (can it be accessed easily)
  • How big is the field? And is it ready for reaping?

Information on a drugs shipment:

  • What type of drugs is being shipped in or out of Jamaica?
  • How are the drugs to be transported – in containers at the ports, go-fast boats, fishing boats, airplanes (flight number and carrier?)
  • When is shipment to take place? 
  • Do you know the names of the persons involved in the shipment

Information on Illegal Firearms

  • If the caller has seen the weapon can they describe it – is it a handgun, rifle, SMG or shotgun?
  • Is someone in possession of the weapon or is it hidden somewhere?
  • If it is in someone’s possession – do you know where they can be found?
  • Can you give details of the person’s location and when is the best time to find them there?
  • Is there more than one firearm?
  • Does the suspect carry the weapon all the time?
  • If the weapon is hidden – can the exact location be given?
  • When is the best time to find the weapon at the location?

Information on Stolen Motor Vehicle

  • Why do you believe the vehicle is stolen?
  • How long has the vehicle been at that location?
  • Where is the vehicle located?
  • Does it appear to be in good condition or has it started to be stripped?
  • What is the colour, make and registration (if possible) of the vehicle.

Information on Murder, Rape, Shooting, Carnal Abuse, Child abuse etc.

  • Do they know the name of the victim?
  • Do they know the name(s) of the suspect(s)?
  • Can they give information on where to find the suspect(s)?
  • When and where did the crime take place?