How Are Rewards Paid?

  1. All sources to Crime Stop are assigned a confidential code number (similar to a PIN).
  2. If the source is interested in receiving a reward, they are asked to call 311 to check on the status of their information, i.e., if the tip was successful, unsuccessful, or still under investigation. Sources will have to use their code number to identify themselves.
  3. If the tip is still under investigation, the source is asked to call back within two (2) weeks.
  4. If the tip has been successful (i.e., arrest and charge and/or seizure or recovery of illegal or stolen items) and a reward is requested, the source must allow two weeks for the reward to be processed.
  5. Once the reward is ready (paid in cash), the source is then given a two-step verification protocol which he/she must follow to receive payment from a trusted disbursement agency. The protocol will maintain the source’s anonymity even at the point of payment!