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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes the families/friends/business associates of the deceased offer additional rewards that are added to the reward offered by Crime Stop. These rewards are held in escrow for one year and returned to the donors should they not be used.

No, thanks to the media houses and related companies Crime Stop produces the Crime of the Month programme at no charge to the families of the deceased. Crime Stop also offers a reward of $200,000 for each Crime of the Month, which is valid for one year after the first showing on television.

The Crime of the Month programme nearly always features a murder. The crime must be deemed “unsolved” after a minimum of six months investigations have been carried out. Members of the family of the deceased must give permission to use the file before consideration is given to highlight it. Efforts are made to cover crimes island wide thereby involving the entire island in the Crime Stop programme.

Once a success has been established and the caller requests the reward, it takes up to two weeks for the reward to be processed.  Rewards are paid in cash and arrangements are made with the caller on how it will be collected.  It can be dropped off at a location suitable to both parties or it can be paid out in a manner acceptable to the caller.

Each caller is given a special code number that is unique to that caller- rather like a PIN for a bank account.  The caller can then use this code number every time they call to find out the status of the investigation into the information given. If the information leads to either a recovery of property/drugs or to an arrest then the caller is eligible for a reward.

No, Crime Stop takes information on any crime not matter how old it is.

No, Crime Stop takes information on ANY type of crime. The types of calls received range from murder, child abuse, wanted men, drugs, possession of illegal firearm, illegal sand mining, bomb threats, breach of the Petroleum Act, arson, robbery, fraud, human trafficking, lottery scams and just about any kind of illegal activity that can be carried out.

Crime Stop’s reputation and future depends on the safety of their system.  No Caller ID or Star 69 features are used on the telephones assigned to Crime Stop.  Should anyone be compromised because they called Crime Stop then the programme would cease to exist, as its credibility would be destroyed.



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