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How Are REWARDS Paid ?

  1. All callers to Crime Stop are assigned a confidential code number (similar to a PIN).
  2. If the caller is interested in receiving a reward they are asked to call back to check on the status of their information.  They will have to use their code number to identify themselves.
  3. When they call back they will be updated on their tip i.e. successful, unsuccessful or still pending.
  4. If the tip is still pending then the caller is asked to call back in one to two weeks time.
  5. If it has been successful and a reward is requested then the caller must allow two weeks for the reward to be processed.
  6. Once the reward is ready (paid in cash) then the caller must indicate how he/she wishes to receive the money.  It can be dropped off at a location acceptable to both parties, it can be lodged into a bank account, it can be sent via Western Union or paid out in any manner requested by the caller.


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